Bangkok University praised for transgender dress code after publishing posters showing uniforms for Tomboys and Ladyboys


– Bangkok University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts has uniform guide
– It made posters describing uniform for girls, boys, tomboys and ladyboys
– Their gender-inclusive policy has been widely praised on social media

A Thai university’s dress code has gone viral after it published a series of posters that inform students what to wear – including transgender pupils.

In a move that has been widely praised, Bangkok University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts has set a precedent by allowing their students to dress according to their identity, rather than in traditionally ‘male’ and ‘female’ uniforms.

The school took to their official Facebook page to publish gender-inclusive images of its correct dress codes, which included trans options for ‘ladyboys’ and ‘tomboys’.

Four images in total were posted by Bangkok University of their regulated school uniform, which along with the trans options, also included rules for ‘girls’ and ‘boys’.


The diagrams, which were labelled ‘Freshy Choice’ as a nod to the school’s new students (freshers), firstly pointed out the prohibited pieces of clothing, like jeans, unruly neckties, flip flops and unbuttoned shirts.

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Girls were offered the choice of a short-sleeved button-down and long dark pleated skirt, whereas boys were asked to wear white shirts, neckties, black trousers and smart shoes.

‘Ladyboys’ and ‘tomboys’ were encouraged to wear any combination of the above, as long as they remained smart and abided by the regulations.

Alongside the dress codes, the university explained: ‘Here’s the uniform for alternative genders. We, the School of Fine and Applied Arts has an open view on sexuality, but let’s dress appropriately to follow the rules.’

Although cross-dressing is already permitted on campus, the posters signalled the university’s official endorsement.

Students and alumni flooded the post with positive feedback, and the post has received 2,805 likes and been shared 785 times, despite having been posted only a couple of days ago.

This comes following a governmental move in January, where a draft of a new Thai constitution proposed a third gender to be recognised.

‘Tomboy’ is another alternative dress code that the Thailand-based university has published

This came as a move to empower gay and transgender communities and make sure individuals received fairer legal treatment.

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The post was bombarded with praise by students and other men and women from around the world.

One man called Zaecus Celestis wrote: ‘I wanted you to know that someone somewhere else thinks this is amazing.

‘I want to say “God Bless You” because my god would. Please, continue to be truly amazing as long as amazing is not simply normal.’

A former student at the college กรภาส สิทธิจำรูญ said: ‘As an alumni, I rejoice greatly at the University College.

‘We are more open, the whole idea, expression, learning and as always, and with a new generation University, for real.’

Credit: The Daily Mail


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