News: “Nong Mob”, the noodle girl is transgender

Many Thai websites report the story of “Nong Mob”, who has gained popularity overnight after her picture appeared on social media. An attractive young woman who sells noodle and was celebrated for her good looks in social media has turned out to be transgerder.

Thitiworada Jektao or “Nong Mob”, a Khon Kaen native gained popularity overnight after a facebook user shared a picture of her making bowl of noodles. The shop where she works, which belongs to a friend, has taken off in popularity with visitors wanting to take a look at her. But when Nong Mob admitted that she isn’t a real woman, she was even more interested.

Nong Mob, who is studying computer science and information technology at the Northeast University, is open about being a transgender woman. she admits she underwent plastic surgery before achieving her good looks. The public interest surprises her, the number of her followers on social media has surged from 1,500 to 23,000 in just a few days. She had to travel from Khon Kaen to Bangkok for television shows. There are many opportunities for her now.

“Some people may no longer like me and may decide to unfollow me. But for those who still like me, please accept my heart-felt thanks” she said.

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