Rose the ‘Lady’ from smash hit film, Lost in Thailand

“Lost in Thailand” was one of the biggest hits movie in China last year. A low budget film about three Chinese guys and their trip to Thailand has recorded a highest locoal movie of all time with more than 1,000 million yuen and also inspired thousands of Chinese tourists to visit Thailand espcially to Chiang Mai .

Not only the movie but Another hit from this film is a Thai transsexual actress called Rose even though she only appears for 1 minute in the film and has just one line. Rose or Chalisa is transsexual queen that work in cabaret show both in Thailand and China so she can speak mandarin. She also competed in the Miss Tiffany’s Universe, the beauty contest for transgender ed people that is held in Pattaya, in 2011.

Transsexual (or ladyboy) became a heated search keyword on internet among Chinese that usually interest in Thailand ladyboy for a long time. Now Thailand or Pattaya has been well known for ladyboy shows with extravagant costumes, spectacular stage as well as convincingly stunning ladyboys.

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